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Chulapa Pop is a new deliciously fruity and intense red wine with aromas of ripe strawberries, red cherries, bramble and hints of sweet spices and dried fruits: cinnamon, vanilla, clove and fig.

It’s the perfect wine to serve as an aperitif surrounded by friends in Madrid or in any corner of the world.

The label is the artwork of Madrid-born artist Pachucho,passionate about pop art and rock music. He’s famous for his portraits of celebrities with psychedelic colours and his pictures of Madrid’s patron saint festivities of San Isidro.

Chulapa 90 puntos Peñín“Cherry red color with garnet edge, ripe fruit aroma, spicy, toasted, complex, dried herbs, full rich mouth, tasty”

These are the sweet words Penin guide used to describe our wine in the 2015 edition that was published these days.

A first step and a first success in Spain´s most prestigious wine guide, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.

Chulapa blows her first candle with a taste of party and Madrilenian cockiness!

Chulapa San Isidro

Today 14th May, the eve of San Isidro, patron Saint of Madrid, we are sharing confidences with the famous genuine Madrilenian woman, muse of the most glamorous wine in Madrid:

What is your main personality trait?
– Daring

What do you value most in a woman?
– Good taste

And in a man?
– His skill to open a bottle of wine

On what occasion do you lie?
– As often as needed but only when possible

What is your greatest extravagance?
– Being myself!

What is your most frequent state of mind?
– Sunny

What is your biggest weakness?
– Being explosive

What is your preferred activity?
– Finding the perfect place to have an aperitif

Which flower do you like most?
– Carnations

Which bird do you like most?
– Uncaged ones

What is your idea of perfect happiness?
– People falling in love with me

What would your greatest misfortune be?
– Not achieving the previously mentioned

Who would you like to be?
– Karl Lagerfeld’s muse

How would you like to die?
– In a sigh

What is your motto?
– Not without my fan!

Gran Diamante Vino y Mujer

Chulapa receives the Grand Diamond prize, highest award at the 7th edition of the Wine and Women international contest.

Wine and Women is a can’t miss event to find out which wines are preferred by women since it is the only contest in the world held to assess wine produced and marketed by women. Also, the jury is made up entirely of highly reputed female professionals in the wine industry.

Chulapa is the delightfully fruity and silky tempranillo wine with Madrid Wines designation of origin, created by women, chosen by women and a Madrilenian female turned into wine. Never was a gemstone worn so proudly!


“It is an extraordinary wine”, “it is elegant, harmonic and a pleasure to drink”, “it is silky”, “an intensely aromatic wine”, “charming”, “it is an ideal wine to have with tapas” and, of course, “it goes very well with a chotis (the traditional dance of Madrid)”

These were some of the compliments received by Chulapa last Saturday 1st March during the gastronomic radio show “Mesa y Descanso” by Mar Romero on Gestiona Radio.

Only a few months after it was released our Chulapa proves to get on very well in Madrid, even on the media.

Please press to listen (Spanish):


Chulapa vino clavel

Chulapa wears a fuchsia carnation and brings a romantic touch to your Valentine’s night.

She is delicious.

She has a fragrance of cranberries and strawberries with spicy notes of cinnamon and vanilla. She tastes of jammy berries and like a true woman she is, enjoys chocolate. ¿Her favorite? Dark with a hint of licorice. The result is a silky and irresistible wine from Madrid.

She is sexy.

She recalls the vibrant nights of the capital and is meant for wine lovers that are curious about new experiences. All in a curvy black and white dress asserting her elegance.

She is glamorous.

For Valentine’s day she comes with a fine china carnation brooch designed and hand-painted by Kabuki Tocados as a limited edition for Chulapa. An essential accessory to be dressed to the nines on a special occasion.