Chulapa wine tempranillo Madrid

Life’s too short to make bad wine

No other drink is as absolutely glamorous, versatile, fascinating and at the same time as disarmingly authentic as wine. If you are committed to retain the best of the fruit at every stage of wine making, then the result will be… a unique and delightfully pleasant sensation at the first sip. Wine delivers countless aromas and flavors that may remind you of strawberry, fresh fig, toasted bread, honey, etc. but the beauty is that everyone’s perception is different and many stories can be told with just one wine. It simply makes us happy to share the best of our work with those who enjoy our wines and we invite you to try them with this millenary quote in mind: “take wine, you must seize the sweet moments of our lives” (Omar Khayyâm).

Don’t complicate wine

It is true that making wine is a long and complex journey and that wine itself has not yet revealed all its mysteries. Nevertheless, we think that once it is poured into the glass, the hard work and the technical issues should remain behind the scene.
Enjoy wine casually and do not hesitate to try new wines and explore food and wine pairing with an open mind. As for us, we think that it is part of our job to communicate about our wines in a way that is both fun and easy to understand to everyone.

Small is beautiful

We are a small project in a little winery within a (still) confidential designation of origin. We produce limited quantities of each vintage and we work with a few trusted people in order to create an ideal environment for our wines. Our whole working philosophy is to develop a strong and intimate relationship with our customers through our wines. We hope they will make a small contribution to your sweet moments and leave you wanting more…