Chulapa wine Madrid vineyards

Our company was born of a meeting with Madrid: In the Mood for Wine is the story of wine lovers from Paris moving to Spain’s vibrant and authentic capital city and discovering not only “the most Spanish of all cities” (quoting Hemingway) but a land of vines less than an hour away from the city’s hustle and bustle. In the Mood For Wine is about wine and it is about Madrid.

Madrid is the only capital city in the world with a wine designation of origin and the wines produced here are gaining reputation among professionals and the public. Yet Madrid is not famous for winemaking and most of the production is consumed locally. Madrid’s countryside is actually home to other gourmet products with designation of origin including olive oil and olives. There is no doubt the capital’s regional delicacies are bursting onto the scene and as for us, we are convinced that Madrid wines have a considerable unexplored potential and a great future ahead.

Because we loved this city, its cheerful people and of course its wines, we have gathered our international business experience and put all of our energy and dedication into starting a company that makes wines from Madrid. Our mission is to reveal and share Madrid´s hidden gem. Our challenge is to bring excellent Madrid wines to the world. Our job is to create wines that are emblematic of Madrid: as lively, generous, complex and elegant as the city itself.

You may wonder why the name “In the Mood for Wine”. The idea came from the beautiful and poetic, romantic movie of Chinese director Wong Kar Wai called “In the mood for love” that premiered at the Cannes film festival in 2000. The movie’s title and soundtrack have been a great source of inspiration to our project. We found out only recently that the original Chinese title of the movie means “the age of blossoms” and even if this title would have made a terrible company name for us, it describes quite accurately where Madrid wines and our company find themselves currently.

Pantea Sarmadi, CEO & founder