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Chulapa vino clavel

Chulapa wears a fuchsia carnation and brings a romantic touch to your Valentine’s night.

She is delicious.

She has a fragrance of cranberries and strawberries with spicy notes of cinnamon and vanilla. She tastes of jammy berries and like a true woman she is, enjoys chocolate. ¿Her favorite? Dark with a hint of licorice. The result is a silky and irresistible wine from Madrid.

She is sexy.

She recalls the vibrant nights of the capital and is meant for wine lovers that are curious about new experiences. All in a curvy black and white dress asserting her elegance.

She is glamorous.

For Valentine’s day she comes with a fine china carnation brooch designed and hand-painted by Kabuki Tocados as a limited edition for Chulapa. An essential accessory to be dressed to the nines on a special occasion.