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Welcome to In the mood for wine, a newsletter for the next-gen of wine lovers, collectors and investors, written and edited by me — Sara Danese.

In the mood for wine provides analysis, commentary, and curated links on the fine wine world.

Here’s an example:

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WineLeaks #13 - The Nebbiolo Edition
Welcome to In the mood for wine — a weekly newsletter on wine for the next gen of wine lovers and investors. This is WineLeaks, a curated overview of the wine market, which will be with you every Monday at 10 a.m. (London time). You can find all the links to this newsletter’s past editions on…
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Subscribers also receive well-researched, off-the-beaten-path long-form pieces. These investigations are meant to give a top-down view of fine wine as an asset class and in the broader economic context, such as the one below.

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Can wines from bad vintages be good investments?
Welcome to in the mood for wine — a weekly newsletter on wine for the next gen of wine lovers and investors. This is the first long-form piece, which I hope you find interesting and a little thought-provoking. If you are new, you can join here. Please hit the heart button if you like today’s newsletter and reply with any feedback…
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Warning: the arguments are so compelling that they may change your mind! 😂

The name of this newsletter comes from one of my favourite movies of all times — In the Mood for Love, by Wong Kar-Wai.

It’s a love story between two lonely neighbours in 1962 Hong Kong, who begin to realize that their spouses have been cheating on them. Originally titled A Story of Food, it’s much more a love story about the food culture of 1960s Hong Kong —from curbside noodle stalls (dai pai dong 大排档) to European lavish meals.

I, too, want to share stories of wine, and maybe some of them will be love stories.

About the Author

I’m Sara Danese, an entrepreneur in the fine wine trade. Five years ago, I founded AZYA, a digital fine wine trading company selling wines to China with the resolve to innovate one of the most old-fashioned sectors. I thrive on creating and exploring new business ideas and am passionate about the creator and consumer economy, with interests in eCommerce, China, sustainability, and fine wine.

Educated in economics and finance from Imperial College and the University of Padua, I previously worked as a portfolio analyst for a large asset manager. Combining my passion for both wine and investment, I curate “In the mood for wine”, a weekly publication for the next generation of wine lovers/investors.

For business collaborations or any other inquiries, ping me at inthemoodforwine@substack.com.

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Digital wine merchant in China @ AZYA. Imperial College grad, ex-portfolio analyst @ Russell Inv. Mostly, I drink & buy wine, and sometimes write about it. Always enthusiastic about a good Barolo.